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  • Evening Wind Down with Betty

    20 minutes before bed to help you relax & improve your sleep.

  • Balls & Stretch with Betty

    Neck and shoulder reset with Therapy balls.

    Equipment Needed: 2 yoga blocks, 2 yoga balls

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  • Rise and Shine Yoga with Betty

    The perfect morning wake up. A quick 20 minute flow to start your day.

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  • Hatha Level 2 with Betty

    Flex, flow, & strengthen your entire body in this practice.
    Level: 1 & 2
    Props: mat & block if needed

  • 20 min Ab & Core Strengthener with Betty

    Kundalini inspired yoga daily practice to strengthen your core and uplift your energy. Lots of breathing in this short practice!
    Equipment: Mat
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Hip Love with Betty

    Hips and 2nd chakra work, to release old emotions and create space for a new realm of greatness in you!

  • Breathing Out Self Judgement with Betty

    A level 1/2 flow to breathe out self judgement.
    Equipment: Mat
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Yoga Conditioning with Betty

    This breath centric class in the right balance of movement challenge with an indulgent restorative ending to uplift, energize and ground.
    Props: blanket, mat, 2 blocks or books, small yoga tune up ball or lacrosse ball
    Level: 1/2

  • Block Party with Betty

    Welcome to my block party! Bring with you the attitude of lightness and fun.
    Level: Hatha, all levels welcome
    Equipment: 2 blocks, or stack of books
    Having fun is a must!

  • Wash Your Spirit Clean with Betty

    Spring is around the corner and this practice is exactly what you need to clear some stagnant energy and get renewed and restored.
    Equipment: No props required
    Level: All levels welcome!

  • Fun Fluid Flow with Betty

    Movement for tissue health and emotional release.
    Equipment: 2 blocks optional
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Liquid Sunshine Meditation With Betty

    This is an audio only.
    17 minute meditation.
    Can be buy itself or as an addition to the Shine Bright Yoga Practice!

  • Shine Bright With Betty

    If you're feeling dull, uninspired or disconnected, or just need a quick practice... this one is for you!
    Level: All levels
    Props: None

  • Putting on a Load - Weighted Yoga with Betty

    Using light added weight to improve strength and resilience.
    Equipment: 1 light weight
    Level: All levels!

  • Hip Service - 2nd Chakra With Betty

    When balancing the Sacral Chakra we master the energies of self confidence, hope and joy... of a new day.
    -60 minutes
    -Level 1/2
    -No equipment

  • Yoga Cross-Fit Flow with Betty

    A medium intensity cross training flow. Working with fluidity, intelligence and kindness.
    No props needed!

  • Vinyasa Flow with Betty

    Vinyasa into your inner strength with awareness. Begin slow with active isolation to build strength & control, then expand into larger movements & challenges.
    Equipment: 2 blocks, 1 ball, blanket

  • Slow & Loaded With Betty

    Slow, steady movement using added weight to load the shoulders up for strength building. Let this practice meet you where you're at.
    Equipment: dumbbell or block, blanket optional

  • Yoga For Digestion With Betty

    A perfect practice for when you need a belly boost. With folds, twists, core work and breath of fire to help stroke your digestive fire.
    Equipment: mat, block (optional)

  • Release Expecations With Betty

    Release Expectations:
    A flowing practice to notice everything that comes and goes ending with some inner thigh MFR release.

    Level: Vinyasa
    Props: 1 ball, 1 block, 1 blanket.

  • Anatomical Yogic Focus - Lats & Glutes with Betty

  • Yoga For Detox with Betty

    Push, pull, twist and turn to stimulate 3 major systems: digestive, lymphatic and circulatory. A healthy rinse from the inside out!
    No props needed

  • Hip and Hamstring Help with Betty

    Feeling tight in your hips, knees, back and hammies? This practice is for you if the answer is YES!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: 2 blocks or books, yoga ball or tennis ball

  • Season Of Change - Yoga with Betty

    Autumn is a time of letting go and being grateful. Nourishing mind and body with a challenging grounding practice and just maybe turning your world upside down for a new perspective.
    No props needed