Pilates & Core

  • 7 Day Core Challenge

    1 season

    Commit to 7 days with Sami of straight up CORE! Each day you'll be introduced to new core exercises with focus on form & building strength while having fun!

    Recommended playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0RDCt4SSE7piDbOFB2bGrl?si=ktawphdhS5uknd7vB2wjiA

  • 5 minute Abs with Sami

    This quick but effective follow along ab routine will leave your abs feeling great! 5 exercises only and ALL body weight! If you want to amp it up try 2-3 more rounds!

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  • Gentle Pilates with Victoria

    A Pilates flow available to all levels. This class will stretch and strengthen your entire body. Victoria uses a Pilates ball and glider in this workout. A pillow can be used if you don’t have a ball!

    Recommended Playlist:

  • Core with Kelly

    Optional Equipment: big stability ball, small pilates ball, gliders, dumbbells

    Suitable for all levels. Full body workout with emphasis on core stability through your movement.

    Recommended playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0RDCt4SSE7piDbOFB2bGrl?si=ktawphdhS5uknd7vB2wjiA


  • 10 Minute Abs with Sami

    No equipment needed for this hard core ab session! You'll do 5 core exercises, 2 rounds of each (or more if you choose), and feel strong by the end!

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  • Beginner Core with Kelly

    A workout suitable for all levels including beginner and active aging! Focus on core stability and core strengthening throughout the entire class.

    Recommended equipment: big stability ball, small pilates ball, long Thera band, set of weights.

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  • Stretch and Flow Pilates with Victoria

    This gentle flow will increase strength and flexibility by only using body weight movements!

    Recommended Playlist:

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  • ABS x300 with Sami

    If you want your abs to hurt when you laugh do this workout! By the end you'll have done 300 reps!
    Equipment: mat
    Level: all levels welcome

  • Get Stretchy with Sami

    Stretch out those sore muscles from head to toe with Sami!
    Equipment: towel, mat
    Level: all levels welcome

  • Pilates with Kelly & Sami

    This quick 30 minute pilates burn will work you from head to toe! Using your own body weight only! Watch Sami move through the exercises while Kelly cues you through.
    Level: Intermediate
    Equipment: Mat

  • Pilates with Kelly & Sami #2

    A 30 minute class using a long Thera band & pilates ball! If you don't have a ball you can use a pillow. Kelly cues the class while Sami demonstrates!

  • 10 Min Abs with Sami #2

    5 exercises, 3 rounds and just your body weight! This video is great to add to the end of a workout as your ab finisher or even just on its own!
    Equipment: Mat
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Pilates Ball Core with Sami

    14 minute core focused video using the pilates ball only! Exercises can be done without the ball, modify with a pillow instead, or on your back!
    Equipment: pilates ball, or pillow
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Balls & Bands with Kim #2

    A full body burn great for all levels of fitness. This workout targets those small, hard to get muscles!
    Equipment: Small pilates ball, booty band, light weights (2 lbs)
    Level: All levels welcome!

  • 6 Min Core Finisher with Sami

    A quick core focused video that would be great to add in after a workout! Or if you're looking for a quick ab burn then this video is for you! We encourage you to repeat this video multiple times for the ultimate core burn!
    Equipment: None
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Standing Core With Andrea B

    A quick standing core series that will leave your core burning!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: One dumbbell

  • Core Finisher with the Pilates Ball with Sami

    NO REPEATS! This is a quick and easy to follow along video that will strengthen and challenge the core!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Pilates ball or pillow

  • 9 Minute Core Finisher with Sami

    A quick core burn using only your bodyweight! 45 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Mat

  • Barre Arms & Abs with Sami

    A quick upper body series using a pilates ball and 2 light weights. This short workout focuses on abs and arms.
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Light weights, pilates ball or pillow

  • Booty, Inner Thighs & Core with Sami

    In this workout we target inner & outer thighs, glutes and core! This entire workout can be done with or without ankle weights.
    Level: All levels welcome!
    Equipment: Ankle weights optional

  • Pilates Sculpt with Sami

    Quick full body using ankle weights, 2 lb dumbbells and a booty band. This 25 minute class will strengthen and tone the entire body. All levels welcome!

  • Advanced Core with Large Ball with Victoria

    10 minutes of intense core using a large stability ball. Victoria will take you into moves with your feet on the wall and against the wall to challenge your core.
    Equipment - Stability ball, 1 light weight optional
    Level - Advanced

  • 10 Minute Abs with Sami

    Quick abs that will leave your core feeling sore for days!
    Light weights optional.

  • Pilates Sculpt #2 with Sami

    Full body toning pilates class using a pilates ball and ankle weights. We flow through legs, abs, inner thighs and glutes. Props are optional.