Booty & Legs

  • 20 Minute Banded Booty with Sami

    Grab your booty band & follow along with Sami for an intense booty burn on days where you don't have a lot of time! This banded workout can also be done before a lower body routine for an effective activation.

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  • Ankle Weight Booty with Sami

    Grab your ankle weights if you have them! Each move can be done with your body weight if you don't own weights.

    Get the ultimate booty burn with this follow along workout!

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  • Straight Up Booty with Sami

    Feel the burn with this wicked lower body workout! Your legs & booty will thank you the next day!

    Booty band & dumbbells recommended but not needed!

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  • Barre Booty with Sami

    Your lower body will feel the burn after this one! This body weight follow along workout will have you sweaty in 22 minutes. Suitable for all levels.

    Optional equipment: gliders (can also use a towel!)

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  • Body Weight Booty with Sami

    No equipment needed for this booty burn! You'll be on your mat the whole 17 minutes. This is available to all levels!

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  • Abs & Ass with Sami

    30 minutes of booty work and 10 minutes of abs! Your booty will thank you for this 40 minute workout!
    Equipment: dumbbells, booty band
    Level: Inter/Adv

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  • Ankle Weight Booty with Sami #2

    A quick booty pump to activate those glutes using ankles weights only! This workout can also be done without ankle weights, or you can use a band!
    Equipment: Ankles weights (or band)
    Level: All levels welcome!

  • Abs & Ass with Sami #2

    This class starts with glutei activation moves into lunges, RDLs, and squats and ends with core! Tell us how you you feel after this one!
    Equipment: Booty band, Dumbbells
    Level: Inter/Adv

  • Lower Body HIIT with Sami

    4 different short circuits with strength & HIIT movements combined for an extra sweaty workout! High impact movements can be modified.
    Equipment: Dumbbells (Medium & heavy if available)
    Level: Advanced

  • Quick Lower Body/HIIT with Kelly

    This advanced 25 minute workout combines HIIT & strength for the best burn! With moves like lateral lunges, deadlifts, squats, burpees, and hip thrusts, you'll be sweating in no time!
    Equipment: 1 Heavy weight (mother), set of dumbbells, booty band
    Level: Advanced

  • Lower Body Burn with Sami

    30 minutes of lower body focused movements to help build strength and get your heart rate up in a short amount of time! Starts with glute activation with a booty band, and works into strength exercises!
    Equipment: set of dumbbells, band
    Level: Inter-Adv

  • Quick Lower Body Burn With Sami

    All you need is a booty band and yourself for this quickie! You'll complete 1 circuit 2 times through. A dumbbell can be used for an extra challenge but not required!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Booty band

  • Abs & Ass With Sami #3

    This 45 minute burner will help strengthen your glutes and core like crazy! This workout has a 5 minute activation warmup, 4 different lower body circuits and 3 ab circuits! Each exercise is 45 seconds. Sami wears ankle weights for the whole workout but this is not a necessary piece of equipment ...

  • Lower Body Burn with Sami #3

    10 moves, 2 times through, all 45 seconds each. You'll focus on lower body movements in a quick 20 minute workout!
    Equipment: Booty band, ankle weights (optional)
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Abs and Ass #4 with Sami

    This is the perfect workout to help strengthen and grow those glutes!
    Equipment: Booty band, dumbbells
    Level: All levels welcome! Jumps can be modified.

  • Lower Body/HIIT with Sami

    Quick & dirty! This workout incorporates high impact moves and resistance training for a great lower body sweat. In 12 minutes you'll complete 2 rounds of a circuit with 6 different exercises. 30 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. For the ultimate challenge try this video a second time or pair it...

  • Legs & Booty with Sami

    Lower body only! This workout will make you feel stronger. Sami focuses on proper form and technique so you get the most out of your workout. You'll do some lunges, squats, good mornings, RDL's, glute bridges, side body work and so much more!
    Level: All levels welcome - no jumping
    Equipment: Dumb...

  • Booty Finisher with Sami

    20 seconds of work and 5 seconds of rest for the ultimate booty burn!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Booty band

  • Abs and Ass #5 with Sami

    A lower body and core focused workout using a booty band and dumbbells only! No jumping.
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: dumbbells, band

  • Booty, Inner Thighs & Core with Sami

    In this workout we target inner & outer thighs, glutes and core! This entire workout can be done with or without ankle weights.
    Level: All levels welcome!
    Equipment: Ankle weights optional

  • GYM WORKOUT: Booty Focused

    Booty day! This workout is done at the gym with equipment on the floor.
    Equipment used: cable machine, smith machine, dumbbells, booty band
    Level: All levels welcome!

  • Abs and Ass #6 with Sami

    Glute and core focused workout using a booty band and dumbbells only!
    All levels welcome.

  • Abs & Ass #7 with Sami

    This booty workout is a major burner! With exercises like Bulgarian split squats, lunges, deadlifts and step ups you will have sore legs for days!
    Equipment: step or low chair, dumbbells, booty band and mat
    Level: All levels welcome