60+ Minutes

60+ Minutes

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60+ Minutes
  • Gentle Flow with Jenn #1

    A gentle flow suitable for all levels.
    Equipment: Mat
    Levels: All levels

  • Power Flow with Laken #3

    Equipment: Mat
    Level: Advanced

  • Hip Love with Betty

    Hips and 2nd chakra work, to release old emotions and create space for a new realm of greatness in you!

  • Gentle Hip Opener #2 with Kim

    Release any tightness in the lower body with this hip opener!
    Equipment: Mat, Blocks or a Chair/table
    Level: All levels welcome

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  • Hatha Yoga #1 with Jen

    Gentle Vinyasa. Recalibrate your stress response at this time by softening into this Soft Flow Vinyassa. Connect with the sensations of your mind and body by opening the hips and the heart to welcome the hidden messages of the universe. No props required. All levels welcome.

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  • Hatha Yoga #2 with Jenn

    Equipment: Mat
    Level: 1 & 2

  • Hatha Level 2 with Betty

    Flex, flow, & strengthen your entire body in this practice.
    Level: 1 & 2
    Props: mat & block if needed

  • Restorative Yoga & Chakra Meditation with Kim

    Your Chakras can be blocked by stress, negative thoughts, diet, and lack of exercise. Unblocking your Chakras can improve your emotional and physical well being. We will explore the 7 Chakras in this practice through meditation.
    Kim recommends using pillows in this practice.

  • Breathing Out Self Judgement with Betty

    A level 1/2 flow to breathe out self judgement.
    Equipment: Mat
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Yoga Conditioning with Betty

    This breath centric class in the right balance of movement challenge with an indulgent restorative ending to uplift, energize and ground.
    Props: blanket, mat, 2 blocks or books, small yoga tune up ball or lacrosse ball
    Level: 1/2

  • Block Party with Betty

    Welcome to my block party! Bring with you the attitude of lightness and fun.
    Level: Hatha, all levels welcome
    Equipment: 2 blocks, or stack of books
    Having fun is a must!

  • Interval with Ashley

    Fun and sweaty! Full body with cardio and strength circuits.
    Level: Adv
    Equipment: Dumbbells

  • Wash Your Spirit Clean with Betty

    Spring is around the corner and this practice is exactly what you need to clear some stagnant energy and get renewed and restored.
    Equipment: No props required
    Level: All levels welcome!

  • Fun Fluid Flow with Betty

    Movement for tissue health and emotional release.
    Equipment: 2 blocks optional
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Hatha Practice with Jenn

    Level: All levels welcome!
    No props needed

  • Hip Service - 2nd Chakra With Betty

    When balancing the Sacral Chakra we master the energies of self confidence, hope and joy... of a new day.
    -60 minutes
    -Level 1/2
    -No equipment

  • Vinyasa Flow with Betty

    Vinyasa into your inner strength with awareness. Begin slow with active isolation to build strength & control, then expand into larger movements & challenges.
    Equipment: 2 blocks, 1 ball, blanket

  • Yoga For Digestion With Betty

    A perfect practice for when you need a belly boost. With folds, twists, core work and breath of fire to help stroke your digestive fire.
    Equipment: mat, block (optional)

  • Release Expecations With Betty

    Release Expectations:
    A flowing practice to notice everything that comes and goes ending with some inner thigh MFR release.

    Level: Vinyasa
    Props: 1 ball, 1 block, 1 blanket.

  • Yoga For Detox with Betty

    Push, pull, twist and turn to stimulate 3 major systems: digestive, lymphatic and circulatory. A healthy rinse from the inside out!
    No props needed