15 Min & Under

15 Min & Under

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15 Min & Under
  • Opening Up to Spring Meditation with Kim

    Enjoy this meditation audio with Kim!

  • Liquid Sunshine Meditation With Betty

    This is an audio only.
    17 minute meditation.
    Can be buy itself or as an addition to the Shine Bright Yoga Practice!

  • 6 Min Core Finisher with Sami

    A quick core focused video that would be great to add in after a workout! Or if you're looking for a quick ab burn then this video is for you! We encourage you to repeat this video multiple times for the ultimate core burn!
    Equipment: None
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Standing Core With Andrea B

    A quick standing core series that will leave your core burning!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: One dumbbell

  • Spring Equinox Meditation with Kim

    An audio meditation for opening up to spring. Sit down and relax!

  • Quick Lower Body Burn With Sami

    All you need is a booty band and yourself for this quickie! You'll complete 1 circuit 2 times through. A dumbbell can be used for an extra challenge but not required!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Booty band

  • New Moon Meditation with Kim

  • Yoga For Bedtime With Kim

    The perfect way to wind down before bed! Try this practice in your bed or on your mat on the floor. Kim will lead you through gentle stretches before bed to help relieve any tension and help you relax before you sleep.

  • Core Finisher with the Pilates Ball with Sami

    NO REPEATS! This is a quick and easy to follow along video that will strengthen and challenge the core!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Pilates ball or pillow

  • Quick Stretch With Sami

    The perfect "feel good" stretch you need after a long day! Great for all levels.

  • Lower Body/HIIT with Sami

    Quick & dirty! This workout incorporates high impact moves and resistance training for a great lower body sweat. In 12 minutes you'll complete 2 rounds of a circuit with 6 different exercises. 30 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. For the ultimate challenge try this video a second time or pair it...

  • Quick & Dirty with Sami #2

    Try this workout video more than once for the ultimate sweat! This is a high impact workout that gets the heart rate up and focuses on full body. 10 moves, 1 round (unless you choose to do it again), 45 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest.
    Level: Adv
    Equipment: dumbbells

  • Upper Body Finisher with Andrea B

    Upper focused! 4 different circuits, each circuit has 6 - 30 second rounds with minimal rest for the best upper body burn! This workout is a great add on to any workout.
    Equipment: Dumbbells only
    Level: All levels welcome

  • 9 Minute Core Finisher with Sami

    A quick core burn using only your bodyweight! 45 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Mat

  • Booty Finisher with Sami

    20 seconds of work and 5 seconds of rest for the ultimate booty burn!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Booty band

  • Barre Arms & Abs with Sami

    A quick upper body series using a pilates ball and 2 light weights. This short workout focuses on abs and arms.
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Light weights, pilates ball or pillow

  • 10 Minute AMRAP with Andrea

    AMRAP- As many rounds as possible! Follow Andreas cues and the workout written on the screen.
    Level: All levels welcome - high impact moves in this workout
    Equipment: Just yourself!

  • 12 Minute Core with Andrea

    All you need is one dumbbell and yourself! This is a great upper body push to make you stronger!

  • Advanced Core with Large Ball with Victoria

    10 minutes of intense core using a large stability ball. Victoria will take you into moves with your feet on the wall and against the wall to challenge your core.
    Equipment - Stability ball, 1 light weight optional
    Level - Advanced

  • Strong Arms in 10 Mins with Andrea

    10 upper body exercises in 10 minutes! Dumbbells only
    All levels welcome

  • 10 Minute Abs with Sami

    Quick abs that will leave your core feeling sore for days!
    Light weights optional.

  • 10 Minute Cardio Blast with Sami

    10 exercises in 10 minutes! 45 seconds of work with 8 seconds rest.
    No equipment needed.
    All levels welcome - lots of jumping in this workout

  • 6 Minute Quick Abs with Sami

    30 seconds of work, 5 seconds rest, 2 rounds! This core workout will help engage and fire up those abs right away. All levels welcome!
    Equipment: Ankle weights and wrist weights optional

  • Full Body Blast with Andrea

    **Lighting is off sorry in advance!
    The perfect workout to do when you have minimal time but need a good sweat!
    Level: All levels welcome. Jumping in this workout
    Equipment: None!