• Get Stretchy with Sami

    Stretch out those sore muscles from head to toe with Sami!
    Equipment: towel, mat
    Level: all levels welcome

  • Get Stretchy with Sami #2

    A short & sweet stretch that will leave you feeling looser and more relaxed!
    Equipment: Mat
    Level: All levels welcome!

  • Stretch & Flow with Victoria

    20 minute deep stretch in a pilates flow style that will leave you feeling longer, leaner, and stronger!
    No equipment needed
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Mobility & Stretch with Sami

    A full body stretch & mobility flow to help release any tension in the body. Equipment: Mat
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Strengthen & Lengthen With Sami

    Flow with Sami! This is a full body, body weight, feel good session. Quick and satisfying. You'll strengthen & sculpt your entire body in a 23 minute pilates/yoga type flow.

  • Quick Stretch With Sami

    The perfect "feel good" stretch you need after a long day! Great for all levels.