• Prenatal - Full Body with Alanna

    A low impact, pre natal safe workout for mamas working out at home! Also a great workout for someone at a beginner level.
    Equipment: 5-8lb weights, ankle weights (optional) and a soft surface
    Level: Prenatal - Beginner

  • Full Body Reformer with Alanna

    This 30 minute express reformer is the perfect full body workout that targets glutes, core, back and abs. Great for all levels! Alanna is pregnant which makes this workout prenatal safe.
    Equipment: Pilates ball, box and platform

  • Prenatal #2 Using the Swiss Ball with Alanna

    A workout that is great for beginners or prenatal women!
    Equipment: Swiss Ball and a set of light weights

  • Express Full Body with Alanna

    This 30 minute full body reformer is perfect for all levels including pregnant women.
    Equipment: reformer box, platform and maple pole

  • Full Body Reformer with Sami #9

    Date: March 7th 2023
    Equipment: Booty band, reformer platform and a yoga block or pilates ball

  • Booty Pilates with Sami

    Date: April 16th 2023
    Equipment: booty band and ankle weights