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  • Interval with Kelly

    Welcome to one of function signature classes! The combo of HIIT & strength training movements will give you the ultimate burn!
    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: 1 heavy weight, set of medium weights, booty band

  • Beginner Full Body with Kelly

    A quick full body workout routine suitable for all levels including beginners and active agers.
    Equipment: dumbbells, small pilates ball or pillow
    Level: Beginner/Active aging

  • 20 minute Cardio Kickboxing with Kelly & friends

    This video has been mirrored. This is one of Function's signature classes! 20 minutes of cardio kickboxing (high impact) with quick abs at the end for a full body sweat! No equipment needed for the cardio portion, for the abs Kelly uses a pilates ball but can be subbed out for a pillow or modifie...

  • Core with Kelly

    Optional Equipment: big stability ball, small pilates ball, gliders, dumbbells

    Suitable for all levels. Full body workout with emphasis on core stability through your movement.

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  • Full Body Conditioning with Kelly

    A sweaty 30 minutes with Kelly! This full body workout will have you sore from head to toe!

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  • Functional Strength with Kelly

    The best advanced full body workout! You'll be sweaty from head to toe.
    Kelly uses a step, dumbbells, booty band, and a small pilates ball in this workout.

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  • Beginner Core with Kelly

    A workout suitable for all levels including beginner and active aging! Focus on core stability and core strengthening throughout the entire class.

    Recommended equipment: big stability ball, small pilates ball, long Thera band, set of weights.

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  • Pilates with Kelly & Sami

    This quick 30 minute pilates burn will work you from head to toe! Using your own body weight only! Watch Sami move through the exercises while Kelly cues you through.
    Level: Intermediate
    Equipment: Mat

  • Pilates with Kelly & Sami #2

    A 30 minute class using a long Thera band & pilates ball! If you don't have a ball you can use a pillow. Kelly cues the class while Sami demonstrates!

  • Quick Lower Body/HIIT with Kelly

    This advanced 25 minute workout combines HIIT & strength for the best burn! With moves like lateral lunges, deadlifts, squats, burpees, and hip thrusts, you'll be sweating in no time!
    Equipment: 1 Heavy weight (mother), set of dumbbells, booty band
    Level: Advanced

  • Interval with Kelly

    An advanced full body workout incorporating strength and HIIT intervals. 45 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest. Warmup and cool down included.
    Level: Adv
    Equipment: Dumbbells (medium and 1 heavy), booty band, step (optional)