New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
  • 20 Minute Full Body Sweat with Sami

    45 seconds per exercise with minimal rest time for the ultimate sweat!
    Equipment: Dumbbells only
    Level: All levels welcome

  • 5 Minute Abs with Sami

    All you need is yourself and 5 minutes of your day! This would make for a great ab finisher or its perfect on its own! Want more? Try 3 rounds! All levels welcome

  • Crazy Cardio - Ladder Workout with Ashley

    Full body cardio workout using body weight only! You'll start with 4 exercises 4 rounds, 3 exercises 3 rounds, 2 exercises 2 rounds, and one finishing exercise!
    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: None

  • Crazy Cardio with Ashley - Time and Rep Challenge

    A fun and challenging workout that will get you out of your comfort zone and push you to your limits!
    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: None

  • Express Reformer - Cardio & Abs with Sami

    Cardio and abs focused! In this workout you'll use the cardio tramp or jump board, reformer box, pilates ball and a booty band. This class will challenge your core strength and get your heart rate up!

  • Full Body #10 with Sami

    Total body! We do a little bit of everything in this workout...triceps, chest, legs, back, abs and a touch of cardio!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Dumbbells only

  • Full Body Barre #5 with Sami

    In today’s workout we will target glutes, shoulders and quads! All you need is a Pilates ball or pillow, a chair and a set of small weights (Sami uses 2lbs)

  • Upper Body #5 with Sami

    In today’s workout we focus on upper body! Abs, biceps, back, triceps, shoulders and chest! We hit it all. This will make you feel stronger!
    Level: All levels welcome
    Equipment: Light dumbbells, Medium-Heavy Dumbbells

  • Abs & Ass #8 with Sami

    Major booty burn alert! Doing this class may result in a sore butt the next day. 45 seconds of work and 8 seconds of rest. Enjoy!
    Equipment: Dumbbells and a booty band
    Level: All levels welcome

  • Prenatal - Full Body with Alanna

    A low impact, pre natal safe workout for mamas working out at home! Also a great workout for someone at a beginner level.
    Equipment: 5-8lb weights, ankle weights (optional) and a soft surface
    Level: Prenatal - Beginner

  • Yoga with Foam Roller - Kim

    Release any tension in the body as Kim guides you through a yoga practice incorporating the foam roller for a gentle massage.
    Equipment: Foam Roller, Mat

  • 5 Minute Abs #2 with Sami

    30 seconds each exercise with no breaks! No repeats, unless you want to do it twice in a row. This is a major core burner.
    No equipment needed!
    All levels welcome